Meeting or Equaling a Listing

disability-attorney-in-Albuquerque-300x199Albuquerque Social Security disability attorneys can explain that the Social Security Administration uses a variety of precise definitions regarding enumerated impairments. In order to be found disabled at this step in the process, the claimant must meet or equal the medical criteria that states the severity of the impairment that must be experienced in order for the claimant to be considered disabled.

Effect of Meeting or Equaling a Listing

If a claimant’s condition meets or equals a listing, the Social Security Administration will find the claimant disabled and will not proceed with the remaining steps of the sequential evaluation process.

Equaling a Listing

Albuquerque Social Security disability lawyers can explain that equaling a listing means that the claimant’s condition may not exactly satisfy the specific requirements of an enumerated listing, but his or her condition is just as severe as one of these impairments. This may result when the combination of conditions that the claimant has are in addition to those listed in the listing. It can also result when a claimant does not have the exact impairment mentioned in the listing but the claimant’s impairment is just as severe as a similar impairment that is mentioned.

Assessing the Applicability of a Listing

Determining whether a particular claimant meets or equals one of the listings depends on a careful and thorough assessment of his or her medical records by a knowledgeable doctor.

Legal Assistance

For more information on this step of the process, contact Albuquerque Social Security disability attorneys from the Law Office of Michelle Baca and Associates.