Good and Bad Days

An Albuquerque Social Security disability attorney can explain that some claimants run into difficulty when they try to explain their condition to the administrative law judge but there is variation in the condition due to some good days and some bad days. A disability Albuquerque lawyer may provide tips to help claimants through this challenging aspect of testimony.

Good Days

Good days may be defined as days in which the claimant can sit, stand or walk for longer periods of time than usual.

Bad Days

Bad days may be those days that a person is more severely limited. For example, a claimant may be able to sit, walk or stand for less time than usual.


It is important that you provide testimony that accurately reflects your condition by providing details about how the good days compare to the bad days. Be sure that you can quantify how many good days you have in comparison to the number of bad days. Do not attempt to minimize or exaggerate your symptoms or condition. Think about the limitations that you have on a regular basis, as well as on those unique bad days. By providing more specific details about your symptoms, condition and limitations, you can help the administrative law judge get a clearer picture into your daily life and the challenges you face.

Legal Assistance

If you would like more information about providing testimony about your condition, contact an Albuquerque Social Security disability attorney from the Law Office of Michelle Baca and Associates.